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If you intend to apply for a post-graduate course at the Universidade do Minho, you should follow these instructions.

1st You must register as a user of the academic site in order to have access to the area reserved for candidates.

2nd After gaining access to the reserved area, you can begin the process of admission to the course you intend to follow using the options available. Beforehand, you should read carefully the Rules for Admission.

Note: Any doubt or question regarding this process should be redirected to the following email: candidaturas.pgrad@saum.uminho.pt

Rules for admission of candidates

Before completing your application for admission to your course, read carefully the following conditions:

Your application will require you to complete some details related to your curriculum. We recommend that you update your curriculum before making the application. The fields marked with an asterisk must be completed.

Information: In the event of applying to several Master degrees from the same School/Faculty, you should be able to indicate, in each one of the courses you are applying to, your order of preference in terms of placement, in the field signalled as "Observações" ("Observations") (Step 3 in the application procedure).

Afterwards, the admission form should be duly printed, signed and sent to the School/Faculty where you are applying to, within the time period established for applications.

You should attach the following documents to your admission form:

  • A photocopy of your identity card or other identification document (If your ID card is “cartão de cidadão, and you choose not to send a photocopy of it, if necessary, you must present it when asked by the services).
  • A photocopy of your tax card (only in the case of Portuguese candidates)
  • A photocopy of your Course Certificate, which includes all the subjects taken and the final grades awarded.
  • A detailed Curriculum Vitae.
  • Other documents requested according to public notice (Edital), or that the applicants may consider relevant for appreciation of their application.
  • Proof of the application’s electronic payment in the amount of € 30 (non-refundable). Payment must be made via ATM, through the reference generated after the submission of the application. If it is not possible to pay by this way, it can alternatively be carried out via credit card at the Portal store.uminho.pt , through the registration and subsequent purchase of the product Application fee for Second Cicle Courses, available in the option Education > Applications.
Incomplete admission forms, namely those that lack the necessary elements for the accurate appreciation of the candidacy and the serialisation of candidates, as well as forms sent after the application date has expired imply the candidacy will not be accepted.

In the analysis of candidates, the Directing commissions of the courses, if they so wish, may ask the candidates for proof of elements within their application or for additional information.

If a candidate wishes to apply to more than one course, he/she must complete the same application procedure for each course, individually.

If they so wish, candidates may alter the information in their admission form for a particular course, as long as they do so before the end of the period established for admission. To do so, they should select option "ficha de candidato" (admission form). If the candidate wishes to change the course s/he is applying for, it is necessary that the time period for admission for the new course is the same as for the previous one. You should select the option "as minhas candidaturas" (my candidacies)

For each alteration, a new admission form must be printed and sent to the School/Faculty, before the time limit expires.

The receipt proving the payment can be obtained in the personal area of the applicant in the academic portal, or, for payments made through the portal store.uminho.pt, in the client area of this portal.

Candidates will be solely responsible for any non-receipt of post or returned mail arising from insufficient or non-existent address.

All data supplied will be collected and handled accordingly both by the Academic Services and the adequate Schools/Faculties.

Candidates are advised to refer to the specific conditions applied, by checking the option "courses 2017/2018".

Each and any complaint about the placement results should be put forward within 10 working days after the results have been publicly disclosed.